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15 Nov

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Working with Shadow teachers for your autistic child No Comments

Working with Shadow teachers for your autistic child

A shadow teacher/ paraprofessional can be a trained or untrained person who has a passion to work with a child who is not going to be able to fit in a regular class room. In inclusion and integration, they play the role of assistant teachers. As the main teacher guides learning in the classroom, the shadow teacher sits with your child to help him/her understand the work required.
Most autistic children have intellectual deficiencies, which may make it necessary for a lot of repetition before a task is understood. Using my daughter as an example, for her to understand what is being taught, the teacher has to use pictorials. If the teacher is talking about adding things then he or she has to draw balls or use actual balls to demonstrate the addition practically. The communication style that she understands is what would normally pass as broken English. If you want to send her for a cup to the kitchen, telling her come and take this cup to the kitchen would be hard for her to understand. The best way for her to understand is to tell her “cup- kitchen”
For her to remember instructions, they have to be repeated more than once. A shadow teacher is more like a pseudo- mom, when you are not there for those academic issues and other developmental issues when you are not there as a parent, they are able to assist. The shadow teacher has to work with an individual education plan (IEP) which you would have to sit down with them and draw up according to your child’s needs.
If you can afford a shadow teacher who is qualified, that means you are able to pay Ksh. 50,000 to 80,000 a month to an individual then you are very fortunate. But if you are not, you can train your nanny to back you up but it also requires you to pay someone to train the nanny hoping they will be loyal enough to stay with you

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