Through The Roof Fellowship

About Through the Roof Fellowship

The setting up of Through the Roof was out of obedience of God’s voice. He had asked me why wasn’t I doing it and instead pointing to others to do it. This is in regard to inclusivity for children with special needs in our places of worship. It has been a long way coming and I cannot wait for others to join me in advocating for inclusion of children with disabilities in churches. The inclusion of special needs children cannot just focus on one disability.

Just because I am an autism mom does not mean that the people I fight for have to be autistic kids. This inclusion has to be for the wider disability community because its not just the autistic kids but every other kids with a special needs.

Through the Roof is a way to engage our churches, pastors and other leaders of the churches to see whether they are making space in their churches for those with disabilities to come. These children grow up to be adults with disabilities.

If we do not make space for them in our Sunday schools it means we have a big percentage of persons with disabilities who are un-churched.

The same benefits that other people get should be the same benefits that people with disabilities should get in terms of accessibility to places of worship. People with disabilities face the same challenges as other people, they have financial challenges, marital challenges etc. This does not exclude them from services the church offers. They also need to understand that God loves them and Jesus loves them.

The other aspect of Through the Roof is parents of kids with disabilities are also a community that is left out in the church. You find that most of them will not come to church because their child is not included. That’s a double tragedy as not only are you not having kids come but the parents also not come because you have not taken the initiative to include their children in the church.

By welcoming the kids in churches and by beginning to welcome the kids in churches, you will make the parents understand that they are also welcome in the church.