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In many African Countries, access to education does not come easily for autistic learners. In Kenya for example, despite the fact that there is universal free primary education, autistic children still remain excluded mainly due to lack of classroom facilities and resources. For those families that are able to take their autistic children to school, the cost of education in private institutions is often expensive and many autistic children fall out of schools as their families run out of money.

By ensuring that public schools have accessible classrooms and special Ed resource centres, ADAT Foundation aims to increase access to education for autistic learners while reducing the amount of money parents of these children are asked to pay.

Where a classroom and resources have been provided, we have found that the Ministry of Education easily sends special Education teachers and this ensures the sustainability of the program. Many public schools are willing to include autistic learners but require assistance in

  • Building or Renovating Classrooms,
  • Resourcing the classrooms,
  • Training the teachers and other school staff.

ADAT Foundation has found that inclusive Education helps to improve the social life of autistic children by making them feel included and harnessing their ability to communicate. This area of the initiative enables autistic children;

  • Maintain connections with their peers and Follow a curriculum best suited to their needs.
  • Practice,  develop and demonstrate that autistic children have skills and abilities to share with their peers
  • Build social connections with their local community and help in the stigmatization of autism