My Inspiration to form ADAT Foundation

My Inspiration to form ADAT Foundation

In 2014 and 2015, I was a Vital Voices Fellow. One of the things that I would talk about a lot with the ladies in the fellowship program is work that I was doing for my employer then. In group discussions and when asked to introduce myself, I would use my employer as an example. However during dinner and when we were just in a relaxing atmosphere, the thing that I would talk about was Autism. Things that I would talk about were difficulties that autistic children and parents have in Africa.

After a couple of these conversations, a few of the ladies asked me why I was telling them about my employer and not telling them about your own organization. One of these ladies was Agnes, she challenged me to start my own organization which I was passionate about. This kicked me into action and started wondering, if I had my organization that addressed issues to do with Autism in Africa what would I want to do?

In the process of defining for myself, it became apparent that there were three challenges that I had encountered as a parent with an autistic child. The first one was finding placement and therapies for my child in schools. Secondly was being with like-minded parents and learning together what autism is. Finally dismantling the stigma that comes with the diagnosis.

The journey then begun to  making sure that ADAT was registered and these areas were the areas we would begin to work in.

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