My Experience with Autism – Jane’s Story

My Experience with Autism – Jane’s Story

My experience begun 4 years ago. My second born was diagnosed with Autism and before I could accept it, my third born was also diagnosed.  I stepped out to find resources because everyone left me at that time. Nobody told me what to do next. The school my second born had joined was neglecting her. I had employed a shadow teacher, however they were not doing what she was supposed to do.

I went on this hunt for information about autism:  I sought to find out what was it about and how it had impacted people both globally and in Kenya.

I learnt so much from the lots of research that I did and interactions with other parents. It was during my interactions with other parents that I had the opportunity to meet Jaki.

In the process I learnt about ADAT.  I observed from a far to see how the person leading was working. Previously I had received false information about Autism and how to handle it. I liked how the organization worked and what it stood for. For me the mission of creating a space where parents can meet and learn from each other and having the opportunity to build classrooms for autistic students is something that I would like to be part of. I came on board to bring in my expertise as an academia in health care management and an accountant to push ADAT from being a name on a website to delivering information I wished I found when I was starting this journey.

I would like to let parents know that there are options. It doesn’t matter if you fail in finding solutions for your child but what matters is you get up. Having a support system is also something that is important for parents of children with autism.  For my situation I had two children diagnosed with autism pulling me in different directions. There was no clear line that it was autism for both of them. It has been a learning process of how to treat each as an individual.
For me autism is a journey, there has to be a tomorrow as it’s not at event.

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